An up and coming web-puzzle like notpron,
this time with a Windows XP theme!
Play now!


Player Quotes:

"Damn, this puzzle sucks!!!"


"medium difficulty imo" - Lipioh

"I request you never make a puzzle again, ever."

"hello i like chomik game"

"Have OTHER PEOPLE test the puzzles. Literally. The creators have bias on their own puzzles.
They think their puzzle is "soooo good" or something like that. The puzzles for this chomik genuinely sucked.
Please have OTHER people test the puzzles. Not just the creators of the puzzle(s)."

"This is making me want to quit youtube. For real. They did nothing in the hunt,
but guess what, they get all the views.
Literally, just watch my videos and make their own. FR. If I quit soon, you know why..."